lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

The Stroop Effect

1.The Stroop Effect experiment was designed to create many different stimuli to test the reaction time of the participant taking the test and thus prove if the introduction of different stimuli affect an individual's reaction time.

2.John Ridley Stroop created three different type of stimuli by making three different versions of the same test. In the first one, names of colors appeared in black ink. In the second, names of colors appeared in a different ink than the color named. Finally in the third one, there were squares of a given color. Every participant had to read each one of the names with the different stimuli.

3. As a result, Stroop identified a large increase in the time taken by participants to complete the color reading in the second task compared to the naming of the color of the squares in experiment 2 while this delay did not appear in the first experiment. This taught us that humans can onyl concentrate on one object to fully be able to perform a task.

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