domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

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  1. Intention of the Artist: The artist wanted to portray that people who smoke are already six feet under, that they might as well be planning their funeral. He wanted to catch the audience's attention with his way of viewing smoking and how harmful it is.
  2. Quality of the Work: The picture is a clear work of art because it is a very interesting and true concept. It is highly educational and the way it is portrayed is very appealing to the eye because it is unlikely to be watching people as if they were inside a grave.
  3. Response of the Audience: I think that this an entertaining and interesting work of art. I find it very enjoyable and this definetely caught my attention as a non-smoking person but I think this would catch anybodies attention, non-smoker or smoker.

  1. Art as Imitation: This is an original piece of artwork and it is nothing like any other picture that I have seen before and it gives a real message that many other pictures transmit as well but this picture does it in a very original and entertaining way.
  2. Art as Communication: This picture has let me know that smoking is harmful and can kill you, and I like how it is transmitted and it is demonstrated clearly in a very entertaining and appealing way.
  3. Art as Education: This picture clearly shows that smoking is harmful and it teaches us that it can kill us and this is done with and entertaining image that catches the audiences's attention.

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