domingo, 5 de septiembre de 2010

Aristotle Post

Aristotle believed that women were "unfinished" men, therefore making them inferior to men. He believed that the man was the one that created life because all children inherit the male characteristics that are found in the sperm. Men are active and reproductive while women are passive and receptive. He also believed that men should should lead civilizations and women should play an unimportant role. Thanks to Aristotle women were seen as he believed them to be throughout the Middle Ages.

This belief can be related to ethics because his view of women can be considered unethical due to the fact that he discriminates them in society. This type of discrimination can still be seen in poor, developing, third-world countries, like Honduras, were women are still seen as less important than men, and are forced to stay at home to clean the house and feed her family while the men work.

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